Active Adult Roster 17 and Up

Konton (General Manager) (YGO/MTG/CFV/PKMN/FOW) - Oct 2009-Current (Active Full Time)

Gatekeeper (Evil Director of Human Resources/Transportation Director) (Hall of Games Class of 2013.) (Hall of Games Class of 2018.) (YGO/CFV) - Oct 2009-Current (Active Part Time.)

Angel (Assistant Evil Director of Human Resources) (Hall of Games Class of 2016) (YGO/CFV) - Feb 2010 - Current. (Active Part Time.)

Sinjin (Commissioner) (YGO/MTG/CFV/PKMN) - Oct 2009-June 2014, March 2015 - Current. (Active Part Time.)

Fire Goat (Corporate Scapegoat) (YGO/CFV) - Nov 2013-Aug 2014, March 2016 - Current (Active Part Time.)

Nappa (Hall of Games Class of 2017) (YGO/MTG/CFV/PKMN) Oct 2009 - June 2014, March 2015 - November, 2016 Oct 2017 - Current. (Active Part Time)

Junior's Roster (16 and Under)

KoNeko (Captain) (Legacy) (YGO/CFV/MTG/PKMN) May 2014 - Current. (Active Full Time.)

Lady Scarlett (Vice Captain One) (Legacy) (YGO/MTG/PKMN) July 2015 - Current. (Active Part Time.)

Tinker Gurl (Vice Captain Two) (Legacy) (YGO/PKMN/CFV) July 2015 - Current. (Active Part Time).

Little Miss Sweatman (Legacy) (PKMN/CFV) Dec 2015 - Current. (Active Part Time.)

The Great Lady Torez. (PKMN) August 2016 - Current. (Active Part Time.)