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Commissioner's Board

CEO/Web Master/ General Manager - Larry "Konton" Marlow.

COO - Matthew "Gatekeeper" Frady.

Games Commissioner - Gerald "Net Devil" Morris.

Social Media Director - Unassigned. 

Evil Director of Human Resources - Angel Frady.

Hospitality Manager - Rachel "Nurse Candy" Frady.

Graphic Arts Consultant - Josh "Nagato" Jackson.

WCD Corporate Scape Goat - Chris "Fire Goat" Gazaway.

Chief Mechanic/Transportation Manager - Unassigned.

Chief Custodial Engineer - Eric "Easy E." Frady.

Chief Photo Engineer - Amy Morris.

Welcome to World Championship Dueling.

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World Championship Dueling is truly Casual Gaming At It's Best. We currently play 6 game types. Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO), Magic the Gathering (MTG), Poke Mon (PKMN), Cardfight!! Vanguard (CFV), Force of Will (FoW), and KeyForge (KF).  We are not affiliated with Konami Digital Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, The Poke Mon Company,  or Bushiroad Global, or any TCG distributor.  We are a non-profit, fan based group who plays trading card games for fun.

Rules for WCD Gaming.

Stealing: All duelists (guests included) are to remain in designated areas during scheduled tournaments and events. Any Duelist caught stealing from another Duelist will be permanently expelled (fired, if on roster,) and banned from any future WCD Gaming events. Any duelist caught cheating at a tournaments or events will forfeit all matches and will be expelled from said tournament or event.

Cheating: Opponents may not discuss/bargain with one another in regards to the nature of their side deck/board options, or in regard to what they will side out/in, in between rounds of any given game type. Duelists may not bribe/intimidate an opponent into scooping/throwing a match. Duelists may not switch decks for that game type once they have been registered for an event. Bribing a Judge or other WCD Gaming official to rule in your favor will result in being expelled from WCD Gaming. That goes for the official as well.

Rulings: Any technicalities regarding card rulings are to be determined by referring to the latest ruling on the card for the game in question (using Rules Resource apps or the Konami/Wizards/BushiRoad/FOW/Poke Mon websites) if an answer is not reached by referring to the rule books, and is then to be made by the General Manager, the WCD Gaming Commissioner, or a judge for the event. ALL RULINGS BY GM, Commissioner, or the Judge are FINAL. Any disputes will be handled after the event, and if a bad call was made and it is determined to have been a large part of the outcome of the match, decisions may be reversed by the GM or the Commissioner. All matches during events will be monitored closely by judges.

All game types at events will be contested following that game's official rulebook, unless otherwise stated prior to the match. This means no "mana drop" in MTG, or any other custom rule set, with one exception. In YGO, a duelist may mulligan one time if their starting hand before they draw does not contain at least 1 spell, 1 trap, and 1 monster that can be normal summoned without tribute. MTG and CFV will follow their respective mulligan rules.

Tournaments will be conducted Round Robin style, with the duelist with the most wins after all rounds being declared the winner. In the event of a tie at the end of all rounds, the duelists who tied will face off in a match to determine the winner.

Deck Registration

During tournaments, only ONE deck per game type will be allowed for use during that tournament. Duelists must decide prior to the beginning of the tournament which deck they will use and will not be allowed to use any other deck in that game type. This does not apply to Championship Series Scrambles where any number of different decks per game type may be played as matches are not consecutive. Anyone caught using a deck other than the one registered during an official WCD Gaming sponsored tournament will be disqualified and forfeit all matches for the remainder of the tournament. Once a duelist has started or began an event with a particular deck for that specific game type, they have officially registered that deck with WCD Gaming as the deck they will be using. No further documentation is required.


All World Championship Dueling Championship Matches will be contested under Traditional/Standard/Modern/Legacy format. 

Singles championship matches will be best 2 out of 3,(YGO).

Single round (MTG) (CFV) (PKMN) (FoW) (KF).

Tag Team Championship matches will be single round contests.

All duelists on the active roster (including GM and Commissioner) are eligible to hold a championship.

The following is a list of the championships in WCD contested seasonally at the GM's discretion.

The WCD Championship - All Game Types

The YGO Championship - Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

The MTG Championship - Magic the Gathering TCG

The CFV Championship - Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG

The PKMN Championship - Poke Mon TCG

The FoW Championship - Force of Will TCG

The KF Championship - KeyForge TCG

The WCD Championship is an ongoing Championship which can be challenged for at any time during the year. The winner of the Tournament of Souls gets an automatic championship title match at any time within 365 days of winning the tournament and may challenge the current champion at any time within that period even if he is already involved in a match for the championship in which case the match then becomes a 3 way match with the winner being crowned champion. To win the WCD Championship (formerly TCG Championship) - Duelists must prove proficiency in at least 4 of 6 game types to challenge for this title. This is our major championship.

To challenge for the WCD Championship, duelists must choose at least one game type that the current champion plays such as YGO, MTG, CFV, PKMN, FoW, KF. If a WCD, YGO, MTG, CFV, PKMN. FoW, KF Champion looses his or her title to another member of the Roster, that former Champion may not challenge again until someone else on the Roster has challenged the current Champion. Only official members of the WCD Roster may hold a championship title.

All Title holders have a grace period of One Year to defend their Title without an official challenge before it is vacated. If a member of WCD officially challenges for a Title and the current Title holder does not accept then they automatically vacate the Title.

Tag Team Rules

Tag Team matches will follow Traditional/Standard format, with some exceptions. Any card with a Win Condition effect is not allowed in Tag Team competition.

The duelist who goes first will be decided among team who won the roll. The duelist across from them will go second, followed by the first duelist's partner, then the second duelist's partner will go last. No player can attack until the turn of the last duelist to take their turn at the start of the duel.

In YGO tag team matches, teams start with a shared 16000 Life Points. Duelists can use their partner's monsters for tributes, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz summons with the permission of their partner. Also duelists can activate spells, traps, or quick effects if their partner's cards are being targeted. Cards that affect "all ___ on your opponent's side of the field" or "all ___ on your side of the field" are applied to both players on the respective team. All other rules are the same as normal.

In MTG tag team matches will follow the Two-Headed Giant format. In a Two-Headed Giant game, you and a teammate play against another two-person team. You and your teammate can show each other your hands and discuss strategy. Your team has a shared life total that starts at 30, you and your teammate have a shared turn, 

and your team’s creatures attack the other team as a group. But you continue to have your own individual library, control your own permanents, spend your own mana, and so on.

In CFV tag team matches, teams share a total of 9 damage. Since damage is shared either duelist can use the damage for Counter Blasts. Duelists can guard for their partner and can intercept for their partner if their unites are being attacked. Duelists can only attack the duelist across from them. All other rules are the same as normal.

Please note that these rules are custom rules taken from either popular game play or other media sources

Extreme Duels

In WCD, Extreme Duels matches are played just as the games are normally played, with a twist. Each game type has a unique way to play, decided on by the WCD Commisioners Board, that brings excitement and creativity to deck building and game play. 

For MTG games, Extreme Duels matches will follow the Freeform format from Magic Online. Any card from any set is allowed, nothing is banned, there is a 40-card deck minimum, and there can be as many copies of a card in your deck as you'd like.

For YGO games, Extreme Duels matches will be played under the custom rules we call Traditional Freeform Format which is no cards are limited or banned and deck size is not limited as long as you have a minimum of 40 cards in the main deck. Side Decks are limited to 15 cards and the Extra Deck is not limited. As long as you have the ability to summon the monster in your Main Deck then you can have the monster in your Extra Deck.

For CFV games, Extreme Duels matches are played just like normal with the following exceptions. After both players starting hands are set, both players take the bottom 2 cards from their deck and put them into the damage zone. This starts the damage at 2 but the game doesn't end until one player receives 8 damage. All front row rear guard units perform drive checks when attacking. Cards revealed for drive check go to the bottom of the deck instead of the hand if the attacking unit was a rear guard. Units may only attack the unit in the same column as them, rear guard to rear guard and vanguard to vanguard. A player will still only take damage when an attack hits their vanguard.

YGO Pauper Rules

Main Deck must contain 40-60 cards that are all Commons or have been printed as Commons in either the TCG or the OCG at least once. Extra Deck must contain any number of Cards from 0-15 that are all Commons or have been printed as Commons in either the TCG or the OCG at least once. You may use the Advanced Format Ban List or the Traditional Format Ban List when constructing your deck for this format.

YGO Commander Rules.

Main Deck must contain 60 Cards but may only contain one copy of each card in the main deck. Extra Deck must contain 1-15 Cards with one Extra Deck Monster acting as your Commander but only one copy of each Extra Deck Monster is allowed. Link Monsters, Ritual Monsters, and Pendulum Monsters may Not be used as a Commander. When then Commander is removed from the field (Unless Banished) then it returns to the Extra Deck. You may use the Advanced Format or Traditional Format Ban List when constructing a deck for this format.

Please note that these rules are custom rules taken from either popular game play or other media sources.


Duelists' Lost or Stored Property will be held no longer than 30 days without contact about said property. After 30 days without contact, or if the property was not claimed by the Duelists within 72 hours of contact, then it shall be considered to be abandoned, and is thereby forfeited. World Championship Dueling is not responsible for Lost or Stolen Property. Please do not bring items other than Trade Binders, Decks, Play Mats, Book bags, etc... to events. All Duelists should keep their belongings with them at all times to avoid misunderstandings.

WCD Events are Pot Luck. You may bring a Drink or Snack item to share with others if you so choose. If you bring snacks for yourself then make it clear to others that your snacks belong to you and are clearly marked as to avoid confusion. Do not store your personal snack or drink items in a common area with items meant for everyone.

We here at WCD appreciate your understanding and observance of these rules set forth by the WCD Commissioner's Board. If you have a legitimate grievance to lodge then you may contact us at [email protected], Thank You for supporting WCD.